Established in July 1990
II सा विद्या या विमुक्तये II
Anand charitable sanastha, Ashti’s

Anandrao Dhonde Alias Babaji Mahavidyalaya, Kada

(Arts, Commerce & Science)

Tal. Ashti, Dist. – Beed, 414 202 (M.S.)

Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad

NAAC Accredited "A+" Grade (3rd Cycle) With CGPA 3.34 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified

About Library

Library is a heart of the organization or institute. Library plays vital role in the development of the students as well as the faculty members. Library is trinity of students, Staff Members & Resources. Library built collection and create tools to support teaching and learning. To provide better services to its users Anandrao Dhonde Alias Babaji Mahavidyalaya Kada has established its own library in the year1990 for students as well as for faculty members.
The library is located in the heart of the Institution and therefore is easily accessible to the departments and Classrooms. The Library has more than 19000 Books as well as 42 periodicals & journals and other resources, College Library is one of the best communicating library in this area. Library is computerized and can accommodate around 80 readers at a time. The Library is well-equipped with excellent Books and all modern facilities like internet browsing, Online database, Online Journals and CD- DVD’S etc. The Library is using readymade software "SOUL" (Software for university library) developed by INFLIBNET centre, Ahmedabad.


Library serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of document’s useful for faculty and students of the College and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge


Library aims to be best among Academic college libraries in this region. Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt user friendly approach towards students and faculty. Library intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge

Library Computerization

The Library is using readymade software"SOUL"Version 3.0.0 full edition, developed by INFLIBNET centre, Ahmedabad that supports all in-house operations of the Library. The SOUL Campus consists of modules on acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serials, article indexing and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) of SOUL software is a powerful search engine for the retrieval of any bibliographic database on-line. The search options include Title, Author, Subject, Class number, ISBN, Publisher, AccessionNumber, Series/Note/Volume, free Text search and Boolean Search, for the retrieval of books.The database of books available in the Library is being updated on day to day basis with details of recently acquired books. The editing and updating activities are in progress .Books Classification & Bar-coding works are also in progress.

Library Staff

In our college the staff of Library occupies the posts as per the norms of the Govt. following table shows the list of the staff member with their Designation and Qualifications

Sr. No Name Qualification Designation E-mail Address
1 Dr. S. T. Sangale
M.Com., M.Lib .& Inf.Sci.,M.Phil, Ph.D. Librarian
2 Mr. A. N. Dhormare
B.A Library Attendant

Library Committee

College library committee has been constituted for smooth running of library functions.
The library committee works for the following causes

  • 1)To provide proper organization and functioning of the Library.
  • 2)To prepare the annual budget and proposals for the development of Library.
  • 3)To provide modernization and improvement of library.
  • 4) Annual stock verification.
  • 5) To invite proposals from all Heads of the Departments.
  • 6) To deal with other matters connected with the library

Library Advisory Committee :

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Dr.H. G. Vidhate Chairman
2 Dr. S. T. Sangale Secretary
3 Dr. B.M. Dhonde Member
4 Dr. B.S. Khaire Member
5 Dr. S.D. Gaikwad Member
6 Dr. S.N. Waghule Member
7 Dr. B.M. Chavhan Member


  • 1) Identity card is compulsory to all the students enrolled.
  • 2) Three books at a time will be issued to the students.
  • 3) The books must be returned on or before the due date.
  • 4) Delay in returning the books within prescribed due date will fine the students.
  • 5) Students should take care of books issued to him/her. They should inform about missing pages to library     staff at the time of issue and obtain attestation of library at the missing part of the book.
  • 6) Any attempt to damage the book or cutting out any matter from the book or defacing or tearing pages will     be treated as misconduct.
  • 7) Misbehavior will be a sufficient reason for cancellation of admission.
  • 8) All the books issued to the students must be returned before the commencement of annual exam.
  • 9) Reference books/Rare books are not issued out. However, they can be made available to the students only     in the reading room.
  • 10) In case of any grievances, contact the librarian.


  • 1) Reading Room remains open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on every working day.
  • 2) Admission to Reading Room without identity card is prohibited.
  • 3) Student can borrow textbooks, magazines, question paper sets etc, on their identity card.
  • 4) Books and periodicals for competition examinations are available in Reading Room
  • 5)Books/Study material issued from reading room will have to be returned before leaving the Reading Room.
  • 6) Indiscipline /Misbehavior in Reading Room shall not be tolerated.
  • 7) Silence must be strictly observed in the Reading Room.
  • 8) After entering in Reading Hall students have to enter their names on login/logout and QR Code attendance.
  • 9) Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Reference Books, University Question Papers will not be allowed to take at home.

Library Collection:

Total No. of Books 19077
Ph.D Thesis 55
Total No. of Newspaper 17
Back Volume of Journals 45
Audio Cassettes 11
Audio CDs 14
Video CDs 85
E-Journals(N-List) 6000Aprox.
E-Books(N-List) Morethan 1lac. Aprox

Library Classification: Dewey decimal classification

Sr No Library Building Area SQFT=120x34 = 4080
1 Librarian Desk Section 14x12 = 168
2 Library Staff Section 11x24 = 264
3 Library Stack Section 31x24 = 744
4 Staff Reading Section 8x24 = 192
5 Boys Reading Section 24x12 = 540
6 Girls Reading Section 24x12 = 540
7 Network Resources Section 14x12 = 168
8 Toilet Section 13x13 = 169
9 Audio-Visual Section (Multipurpose) 12x22 = 264
10 Open Space =1031

Books/Journals Expenditure in Last Five Years:

Sr No Material Type Numbers Amount
1 TextBooks 266 63,308
2 Ref.Books 242 97,191
3 General Books 29 6,230
4 Journals/Periodicals 42 23,096
5 CD & Video 87 25,000
6 N List Online Database 6000Journals
Total 537-Books 2,14,805

Sr No Material Type Numbers Amount
1 TextBooks 242 55,616
2 Ref.Books 150 63,086
3 General Books 142 22,145
4 Journals/Periodicals 42 57,075
5 N List Online Database 6000Journals
Total 534 Books 1,97,922

Sr No Material Type Numbers Amount
1 TextBooks 101 24,485
2 Ref.Books 144 1,09,014
3 General Books 45 11,630
4 Journals/Periodicals 42 17,110
5 N List Online Database 6000e-Journals
Total 290 Books 1,62,239

Sr No Material Type Numbers Amount
1 TextBooks 41 7,591
2 Ref.Books 237 1,39,500
3 General Books 07 502
4 Journals/Periodicals 05 1,275
5 N List Online Database 6000 Journals
50000 e-books
Total 268-Books 1,48,368

Sr No Material Type Numbers Amount
1 TextBooks 29 7,805
2 Ref.Books 80 30,200
3 General Books 07 2,137
4 Journals/Periodicals 42 36,913
5 N List Online Database 6000 Journals
50000 e-books
Total 116 Books 77,055

Library Current Year Users:

Students 1489
Teacher 37
Temporary Teacher 23
Non-Teaching 20
Management Members 07
External Users 18

Category of Membership, Period and Quantity :

Category No. of Books Period of Loan
UG Students 03 8 days
PG Student 03 8 days
Teaching Faculty 15 01 Academic Year
Research Fellow 05 180 days
Non Teaching Staff 05 180 days
External Users 05 180 days

Reading Hall Accommodations : 80 Seats (Readers )

Reading Hall Time per day : 8.00 am to 10.00 pm

Library Hours : Monday to Friday:9.00 am to 5.00 pm
                             Saturday:9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Journal & Periodicals:

The college subscribes magazines in Marathi, English and Hindi Languages. Many Scientific, Social Science, General and Competitive Exam periodicals are subscribed for the Readers.

List of Periodicals Subscribed in Academic Year 2021-22

Sr No Name of the Journal/Periodicals Periodicity
1 Indian Literature Bi-Monthly
2 Journal of English Studies Quarterly
3 Rushi Prasad Monthly
4 Marathi Sanshodhan Patrika Monthly
5 Sadhana Monthly
6 Sahitya Suchi Monthly
7 Alochana Bi-Monthly
Commerce, Management & Business
8 Indian Journal of Marketing Monthly
9 Indian Journal of Management Monthly
10 Sampada Monthly
11 International Journal of Commerce management Research Bi-Monthly
Economics & Agriculture
12 Economic and Political Weekly Monthly
13 Udyojak Monthly
14 Yojana Monthly
15 RCF Seti Patrika Monthly
Political Science
16 Manogat Monthly
17 Lokrajya Monthly
Public Administration
18 Yashmanthan Monthly
19 Yojana Monthly
20 Sanshodhak Quarterly
21 Indian Historical Review Half Yearly
22 Samaj Probodhan Patrika Quarterly
23 University News Weekly
24 Shikshan Sankraman Monthly
25 International Journal of Sports Education Bi Monthly
Competitive Exam. & Career Guidance
26 Competition Success Review Monthly
27 Civil Services Chronicle Monthly
28 Chanakya mandal Monthly
29 Prtaiyogita Darpan Monthly
30 Journal of Applied Computer Science and Mathematics Half Yearly
31 Journal of Mathematical Problems Monthly
32 International Journal of botany studies Monthly
33 Journal of Physics and Chemistry Research Monthly
34 International Journal of Zoology Monthly
35 International Journal of Mosquito Research Bi-Monthly
36 Chemical Methodologies Quarterly
37 Indian Journal of Chemistry and Application Half Yearly
38 Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies Bi-Monthly
39 New Indian Samachar Monthly


The college subscribes 17 Daily newspapers in Marathi,Hindi and English languages.

Sr.No. Name Periodicity
1 Dainik Lokmat Daily
2 Dainik Sakal Daily
3 Dainik Pudhari Daily
4 Prabhat Daily
5 Dainik Samana Daily
6 Dainik Loksatta Daily
7 The Indian Express Daily
8 Dainik PunyaNagari Daily
9 Dainik Divya Marathi Daily
10 Sanket Daily
11 Dainik AgroOne Daily
12 Dainik ZunjarNeta Daily
13 Dainik Champavati Patra Daily
14 Dainik Parshwabhumi Daily
15 Prajapatra Daily
16 Dainik Samrat Daily
17 Lokprashna Daily

Subject wise Books Statement:

Statement showing No.of Book and Subjectwise Distribution

Sr.No. Subject Reference Text General Total
1 Marathi 2993 1467 4460
2 Hindi 720 875 1595
3 English 648 831 1479
4 History 326 715 1041
5 Sociology 336 731 1067
6 Political Science 314 550 864
7 Public Administration 80 369 449
8 Economics 255 538 793
9 Commerce 433 874 1307
10 Chemistry 212 560 772
11 Physics 379 261 640
12 Mathematics 292 180 472
13 Botany 499 405 904
14 Zoology 271 357 628
15 Physical Education 211 168 379
16 Competitive Exams 894 894
17 Library Science 100 61 161
18 Geography 289 564 853
19 Psychology 280 39 319
Total 8638 9545 894 19077

Library Services

The library provides following services to the users

Circulation Service

Books are issued to all students and faculty of the College. The numbers of books issued are based on the category of the user. Students can keep the books for 8 days.

Reference service

Reference service is provided for queries from the available reference sources. Sometimes the users may be directed to sources available in libraries of other Institutes.

Current awareness service

This service is provided through the display of new books in new arrivals rack.

Text Book Service

Important and prescribed text books are kept in the textbook section and also these books are issued for reference against the library membership card.

Photocopying service

Journal articles and other materials that are not lent out can be photocopied for a nominal charge.

Inter Library loan

The inter library loan helps one to get in formation which is not available in our library from others libraries like Bhagwan Arts Comm. & Science College Ashti, Gandhi College Kada, Shriram Sarvajanik Vachnalaya, Kada, Adv. B.D. Hambarde College, Ashti.

News paper service

Library subscribes 17 daily newspapers for the benefit of its users.

Online journals

Library has online access to N-List under UGC-INFLIBNET. All machines in the ADM campus are enabled for the same.

Question paper service

Question papers of all the annual examinations conducted by University.

Audio Video facility

The library has a separate audio visual room with all required equipment like TV, Video player-cum-recorder, DTH connection etc. For audio visual Screening/Playback facility.

Internet Searching and Printing service

The Central Library computers are connected to LAN of ourcollege. Internet services are provided to the staff and students of the college and it is openfrom09:00 am to 5:00 pm on all working days Therefore, the readers can access ouronlinebooks/journalsbrowsing isfreeof cost.

Information Display:

Library information such as New Arrivals, Library Rules, Journals List, Notices, News Paper Clipping etc are displayed on Library Notice Board from time to time

User Orientation Program:

Librarian & Library Staff takes a guideline Programs of each class aswell as college staff for orientation and how to find different resources by using OPAC ,Internetand open source.

Bar Code –Based Circulation System:

The Library is using readymade software "SOUL"has been successfully implemented for the circulation activities, by using the barcode. All the books of library are bar-coded.

Power Back Up:

Power Back up Facility for all equipment’s is available during power failure period.

Best Practices:

  • 1) User orientation programme
  • 2) Best Reader Award
  • 3) Newspaper Clipping (College News)
  • 4) Book Exhibition
  • 5) Users Feedback
  • 6) Wi- Fi Facility
  • 7) Departmental Library

Result Analysis during last five years Certificate course in Library Management Under Life Long Learning and Extension

A. Certificate course in communicative English

Year Students Appeared Passed
2021-2022 10 10
2020-2021 - -
2019-2020 10 10
2018-2019 10 10
2017-2018 10 10

B. Programs (Orientation Course, Refresher, FDP etc.) attended by Faculty

Name of Teacher Name of Programs attended by faculty Place Date
Dr. Sangale S.T. Use of SPSS in Social Science Research Dept of Economics Dr.B.A.M.U. Abad 05/03/2018
ARPIT – Online Refresher Course for College Teacher A.D. M. Kada 02/08/2019
E-content development for effective teaching Gandhi College Kada 21/09/2019 to 22/09/2019
National Level 5 days Training Program on Library Automation & Digitization Knowledge Resource Centre, Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad 02/12/2019 to 06/12/2019
Towards Building Effective Research Ecosystem Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad 27/06/2022 to 29/06/2022

Library Equipments:

Sr.No. Name of The Equipment’s Numbers
1 Computer 08
2 Barcode Printer 01
3 Barcode Reader 03
4 Reprographic Machine, Scanner 01
5 CCTV Camera 02
6 Web Camera 01
7 Printer 01
8 Steel Rack 20
9 Steel Cupboard (One side) 07
10 Steel Cupboard (Two Side ) 10
11 Steel Cupboard ( CD Storage ) 01
12 Steel Rack ( File Display ) 01
13 Issue Counter 01
14 Table 10
15 Cheers 75
16 Vacuum Cleaner 01
17 News Paper Stand 10 Sticks Storage 01
18 News Paper Reading Stand 02
19 News Paper Display Stand 01
20 Sloping Periodical Display Cum Storage Rack 02
21 Revolving Magazine Rack 01
22 Suggestion Box 01
23 Punching Machine 01
24 Stapler Machine 01
25 Head Phone 05
26 Books Exhibition stand 13
27 Book ( Supports) 25
28 Notice Board 01

B. Programs (Orientation Course, Refresher, FDP etc.) attended by Faculty

Name of Teacher Name of Programs attended by faculty Place Date
Dr. Sangale S.T. Use of SPSS in Social Science Research Dept of Economics Dr.B.A.M.U. Abad 05/03/2018
ARPIT – Online Refresher Course for College Teacher A.D. M. Kada 02/08/2019
E-content development for effective teaching Gandhi College Kada 21/09/2019 to 22/09/2019
National Level 5 days Training Program on Library Automation & Digitization Knowledge Resource Centre, Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad 02/12/2019 to 06/12/2019
Towards Building Effective Research Ecosystem Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad 27/06/2022 to 29/06/2022

Guest Lectures Arranged:

Sr.No. Name of the Guest Topic Date
1 Adinath Danave, (Z.P. Teacher) President Garbhgiri Sansthan Deulagaonghat Beed To increase reading Culture among stake holders 09/08/2017
2 Shahir Wavare Haribhau ‘Ballad’ Presentation 09/08/2017
3 Sau. Dipali Anil Dhobale Sarpanch Grampanchayat Kada To increase reading Culture among stake holders 10/08/2018
4 Shri Akash Murare,Jansampark Adhikari, Dindayal Gramin Vikas Kaushalya Yojana Presentation of Mahatma Gandhi’s Thoughts 10/08/2018
5 Shri Amol Sayambar, Director, Mastermind Academy Ahmednagar To increase reading Culture among stake holder 09/08/2019
6 Dr. Dharmraj Veer,Director, K.R.C. Dr. BAMU Aurangabad Covid-19 Pandemic Challenges Before rural College Libraries 26 /05/2020
7 Dr. Subhash Chavan Director, K.R.C. SNDT Women’s University Mumbai Problems & Prospects in Rural College Libraries 26 /05/2020
8 Dr. Daya Dalvi Librarian, S.B. College Auranagabad Role of Libraries in Increasing Ranking of Institution 26 /05/2020

Conference / Seminar / Workshop/ Webinar Organized by department during last five years:

Sr. No Title of Conference / Symposium / Workshop Level Period
1 “Covid-19 Pandemic – Challenges Before Rural College Libraries” Webinar National 26 May 2020

Publications of faculty during last five years:

Sr. No Name of the Faculty Year National Journals
1 Sangale S.T. 2021-22 8
2020-21 3
2019-20 1
2018-19 -
2017-18 1

Resource Person /Chaired Session/ Guest Lectures in Conferences / Symposium / Workshop:

Sr. No Resource Person /Chaired Session/ Guest Lectures Level Topic Place Date
1 Dr. Sangale S. T. Resource Person State Level To increase reading Culture among stake holders Adv. B.D. Hambarde College Ashti Dist Beed, 05/04/2022

Research Guides and their Students & MOU:

Name of the Research Guides Name of the Student PRN No Topic Status
Dr. Sangale S.T. 1)Shinde Sagar Pandit 201536325 Maharashtratil Pune Vidyapeethashi Salagnit Aushadh Nirman Shashtra Mahavidyalayatil Granthalayachya Sadyasthiticha Abhyas In progress
2)Wajire Ram Gangadhar 201536482 Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marhathwada Vidyapeethantargat Mahavidyalayatil Karyarat Asnarya Granthalayin Karmchayancha Manas Shastriy Abhyas In progress
3)Wakhare Nilesh Kundlik 201536501 Savitribai Phule Vidyapeeth Pune madhye Sadar Zalelya Ganit Vishayatil Ph.D.Shodh Prabhanhdacha Uddharan Vishleshan In progress
4)Bhoir Yuvraj Pandurang 201536317 Citation Analysis of Ph.D.thesis in Humanities & Social Sciences submitted to YCMOU Nashik In progress

Our MOU for Research student is with Department of Library Science Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad

Eminent Personalities visited :

Sr. Name Designation Place
1 Dr. Dharmraj Veer Director K.R.C. Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad
2 Dr. Subhash Chavan Director K.R.C. SNDT Women;s University Mumbai
3 Dr. Ghumare Shivshankar Librarian Matsyodari College Ambad Dist Jalna
4 Dr. Daya Dalvi Librarian S.B. College Aurangabad
5 Dr. Sanjay Mane Librarian Jamkhed Mahavidyalaya Jamkhed Dist- Ahemednagar
6 Dr. Kishor Dhonde Librarian Bhagwan Mahavidyalaya Ashti Dist -Beed
7 Dr. Sunil Mutkule Librarian Adv. B.D. Hambarde Mahavidyalaya Ashti
8 Dr. Rajkumar Thorve Librarian Gandhi College Kada Dist -Beed
9 Smt. Madhurani Raut Librarian College of Pharmaceutical Science & Research Centre Kada Dist -Beed
10 Smt. Sharda Dalvi Nayab Tahsildar Ashti, Tal- Ashti Dist- Beed

Awards/ Recognitions received by faculty:

Sr. No Name of the Faculty Name of the activity Name of the Awards/ Recognition Name of the Awarding government/ government recognized bodies Year of award
1 Dr. Sangale S.T. Social Work “Rajyastariy Shivshambho Samajratna Purskar” Shri Shivshambho Pratishthan & Ashti Taluka Mitra Mandal, Ahmednagar 2017

Academic and Administrative Positions of Faculty:

Dr. Sangale S. T.
  • 1) Coordinator & Counsellor, Dept. of Lifelong Learning & Extension
  • 2) Chairman Employment Carrier Guidance Committee
  • 3) Secretary, Library Advisory Committee
  • 4) Member, Research, Innovation & Extension
  • 5) Member, Alumni Present Teachers Association
  • 6) Member, Infrastructure & Learning Resources
  • 7) Member, Magazine & Publicity Committee
  • 8) Member, IQAC Committee

Extension / Co-curricular Activities run by department :

  • 1) Library Management Certificate Course Under Lifelong Learning & Extension Dept.
  • 2) Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension is Active Participant in extra Curricular & Extension Activities
  • 3) Chairman, Shiv Chhatrapati Nagari Patsanstha Kada
  • 4) Treasurean , Shri Mahesh Mandir Kada
  • 5) Ex-Secretary, Rotary Club Kada
  • 6) Ex-Secretary, Rotary Club Kada
  • 7) Ex- Gram Panchayat Member, Kada
  • 8) Counsellor YCMOU Nashik , A.D.Mahavidyalaya Kada.
  • 9) Counsellor YCMOU Nashik , Gandhi Mahavidyalaya Kada.

Future Plans :

  • 1) Construction of Separate girls Reading Hall.
  • 2) Individual cubicles for researchers & Research Guides
  • 3) 18 hours library facility.
  • 4) To Construct the Information Repository of college by using D-Space Prog.
  • 5) To Purchase the E-book Reader & E-books.
  • 6) To arrange Books Review Competitions.